This PlayStation 6 concept is a minimalistic gaming console Sony could design in the near future

The Sony PlayStation 6 is still a long way from being released, but it can deviate from the stylized look of the PlayStation 5 and look for a minimalist design language that has gone back to its roots!

In terms of warmth, the current generation PlayStation is above the Xbox Series X and Series S. The stream of design with these futuristic cues makes the PS5 basic for hard-core gamers who know about the look of their gadgets. The number of sales also suggests that Sony’s gaming console was almost 5.4 million units ahead, with sales totaling 15.28 million in the last 13 months. The Xbox Series S sold 9.84 million units worldwide.

Clearly, we expect Sony to release the next winning game console, which is speculated for the 2026 release date. Development of the PlayStation 5 began in 2015 and was released in November 2020. So it’s safe to say that the PlayStation 6 is already under development and another winner will be in our hands. No one even knows what Sony’s game console will look like, this concept of She Yin gives us an idea. The designer sees PlayStation 5 as a design practice for the console, but this is the perfect opportunity to take on the design of the PS6 console.

It looks more like a turntable, the design of the concept looks like the aesthetics of the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 design. Return to a more geometric form factor with higher deep winds attributed to a better thermal cooling system. The game’s disc comes in at the top just like the first PlayStation, and that nostalgic feeling will be added to the game console in the near future when it is released. Minimalism seems to take precedence here because the console has a white or black form factor, with only the necessary elements. Connecting ports and a power button are located at the front to carry out game action without straying from the comfortable comforts of the sofa.

Designer: She Yin



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