beyond the wall installation shifts the viewers’ glance to a different height

beyond the wall bear architects has completed a two-year installation of frontier architecture, linking two different levels. public space In the Old Town of San Sebastián, Spain. The so-called “beyond the wall” is a vertical structure that stands vertically on a red platform, and on the second level it is connected to a horizontal system … Read more

estudio PKa fronts this buenos aires house with a curtain wall of bamboo

a forest of bamboo Argentina-based architectural practice studio PKa has unveiled its ‘bamboo house’ as a follow-up to its airy homes as a representative palette of natural material. the project is located outside buenos aires, and at the same time defines a huge facade made of vertical bamboo corners. this wall disguises the entrance to … Read more

This wall mountable cat bed gives your cat a place to lounge up high while saving your space

The sun is a mobile cat bed that can be mounted on any vertical surface to give your cat a place to rest and save space on the floor. When it comes to designing cat furniture, there is no limit. Cats will turn anything into a personal site for their oppression. Whether it’s your laptop … Read more