This ergonomic keyboard allows users to customize each key’s placement to improve workflow

The Dygma Raise Keyboard is a customizable two-part keyboard that optimizes ergonomics and lightens working hours. Because of all that computers do for us, their design has remained fairly constant. You have a regular keyboard, a rectangular trackpad, and a flat screen. No matter what work you do on your computer, its design language never … Read more

This power-packed workstation is an iMac knockoff for Windows users

The sleek iMac is a stylish desktop computer, and the security is much higher than Windows PC. However, it does have some shortcomings, such as high price, limited upgrades, and software restrictions. However, Windows-based workstations have also made a smarter move to achieve a slimmer profile. Instead of expanding horizontally, wouldn’t it be great to … Read more

DIY music box design lets users compose their own nostalgic melodies in three simple steps

Make Your Own Music Box is a music box design by Kikkerland Design that allows users to compose their own melodies to play the music box. There’s nothing as nostalgic as a music box. A look at Grandma’s old jewelry box starring “Over The Rainbow” or even the large coin-operated music boxes at train stations … Read more