This shoe combines a shoehorn with a swivel mechanism to make putting on shoes easier for everyone

Prima is an inclusive shoe design that combines a rotating mechanism and a shoe arm to make it easy for users of different cognitive and motor levels to wear and wear shoes. Sometimes the most innovative solutions come from the simplest designs. Most of us wear shoes every day. They are the last ones we … Read more

Zen Running Club shoes made from sugarcane and eucalyptus

The fashion world is full of environmental pollution due to the fact that production starts from chemicals to non-degradable clothing and footwear. With that in mind, many shoe companies are looking for ways to get more sustainable materials, but with that comes a lot of green cleaning, their efforts may seem broader than their own. … Read more

These shoes are made in the world’s only entirely vegan factory

Buying Grounded People sneakers means protecting your charity. Founded in Vancouver by CEO Maximilian Justus, Grounded People, an eco-friendly clothing company, began when the pandemic began. And now, after nearly two years of overcoming the challenges of achieving sustainable materials, Grounded People has unveiled its first collection of vegan shoes. Continue reading below Our outstanding … Read more