Porsche Design Turns 50 With Special Edition Watches and Sports Cars

The Porsche Design Chronograph 1 was inspired by the car’s control instruments. Porsche Design Text size This week marks Porsche Design’s 50th anniversary with the unveiling of two new models of its Chronograph 1 watch, which Porsche AG completed with a single refurbished 1972 911 S 2.4 Targa Classic and a new 50 Year Porsche … Read more

Bring your yard to life with these inspirational products designs

In these times of pandemics, we spend more and more time at home. However, sitting on the same four old walls in our bedroom can be quite boring, and sometimes the only fresh air we actually get is when we go out into our backyard. While we shouldn’t underestimate our backyards, they can be places … Read more

These everyday products hide their true functions like a hidden object game

Technological gadgets don’t have to look futuristic to be usable, and they can also look like an innocent pebble leaning against a wall or an artist’s canvas. Nowadays homes are so full of technology that it’s impossible not to notice one or two in a room, be it the latest smart TV or a fabric-covered … Read more

antoniolupi total-look creates bathroom ecosystem of tailored products

antoniolupi helps designers create full-look bathrooms there is no length antoniolupi it will not enrich our daily ritual, routine and well-being spaces, whether through research and development materials or elegant solutions. Italian luxury toilet with the help of the furniture brand, architects and designers create a very, very unique and very personal ecosystem with the … Read more