In Sports and Business, Vulnerability is Power

When left-wing superstar Ronald Acuna broke his ACL last July, his chances of going to the Atlanta Braves World Series dropped to 2%, according to Las Vegas odds-makers. 98% of analysts were confident that the team would not survive the playoffs. However, the Braves won the World Series, showing strength, teamwork and a strong culture. … Read more

2nd annual Chicago sports broadcast media power rankings

I’ve heard colleagues call the sports department a toy department. Whoever insults that would take himself too seriously. Sports are fun and games. They offer an escape from real-world problems and shocking stories created by other departments. But sometimes those stories intersect with sports. Chicago sports media have been rocked by the death of Jeff … Read more

Jaguars rank 30th in the final USA TODAY Sports power rankings

There’s another season for the Jacksonville Jaguars, and even though their overall profit improved from two to three, that’s the only thing the team has improved in 2021. Once again, he finished with the worst NFL record and will pick. the first in general the second consecutive season. Urban Meyer released first-year coach 3-14 and … Read more

College football top 25: North Dakota State tops final CBS Sports FCS Power Rankings for 2021 season

Maybe the end of the 2021-22 FCS football season was a bit anticlimatic with the North Dakota State evaporating Montana State 38-10, but don’t let that game cloud what has been a wonderful year in the subfield. First of all, congratulations to Bison for hosting their ninth national championship in eleven years. Their level of … Read more

This detachable power station can provide power-backup to your entire house while even letting you charge your Tesla

With a tremendous power output of 4350 watts and a battery capacity of 6.9 kilowatt-hours, Mango Power Union allows you to run your home and all your appliances efficiently in a power outage. Its sleek matte-metallic design allows it to blend into your home décor, and the plant also has a 2.3 kWh detachable module … Read more

Modular power bank concept uses a series of wireless snap-on battery ‘bookmarks’ to give your phone 30 hours of charge

Battery Pods is a phone charging system consisting of a phone charging case and a magnetic battery to power your phone at 1400 mAh. Everyone needs a charger, but no one wants to carry it. Battery packs are heavier than your phone, and cordless chargers depend on a plug to actually operate. So the question … Read more

Elecjet Apollo Ultra 10,000mAh power bank charges faster than your phone

Now you don’t have to worry about your electric bank running out of juice when you need it most. We have become so addicted to battery-powered electronics that it is ironic and tragic that the batteries themselves have not made much of a leap forward, at least nothing that consumers can already trust. Smartphone manufacturers … Read more