This ‘playfully serious’ rolling mortar lets you have fun while grinding spices and making pesto

By providing a visual and functional review of traditional mortar and pest control, JIA Inc. Rolling Mortar allows you to grind your herbs and spices just by throwing them! A kind of hybrid between mortar and roller, Rolling Mortar comes with a bathtub-shaped base and a ring-shaped roller. This special design direction grinds the elements … Read more

The Lanmodo Vast M1 dashcam’s state-of-the-art night vision lets you see as far as 984 feet in the dark

With an advanced 7-glass lens, a Sony CMOS sensor, and an algorithm that rivals even the ones found on a GoPro, the Lanmodo Vast M1 lets you easily capture what’s ahead of you and even behind you no matter the time of day or the weather condition. It comes with an upgraded 75 ° FOV … Read more

Peyton Manning lets curse word slip during ‘Monday Night Football’

Somewhere, Archie Manning is muttering to himself, “Don’t get me down here.” ManningCast has been an undeniable success this season for ESPN, with Peyton and Eli providing a strong alternative viewer to the standard show. It’s a pity it’s likely to be the show’s first and final year, as the Manning brothers can’t stop playing … Read more

LEGO-inspired waffle maker lets you create brick-shaped stackable waffle art!

It’s probably one of the few cases where parents are encouraged to “play with their food”! When you look at a waffle, you may see a beautiful dessert with a crispy exterior and a feathery interior … I see a unique opportunity to redesign the form! Of course, the waffle iron is quite perfect. These … Read more

DIY music box design lets users compose their own nostalgic melodies in three simple steps

Make Your Own Music Box is a music box design by Kikkerland Design that allows users to compose their own melodies to play the music box. There’s nothing as nostalgic as a music box. A look at Grandma’s old jewelry box starring “Over The Rainbow” or even the large coin-operated music boxes at train stations … Read more

World’s first metaverse moon-base lets you inhabit the moon and explore it in a virtual lunar rover

You don’t need half a million to sit on a Blue Origin spaceship, put it on your VR headset, and immediately take it on your first lunar expedition to Prague. Entitled ‘New Prague on the Moon’, this lunar base was presented at Virtuplex, the largest virtual reality lab in Europe during the Czech Space Week. … Read more