dnipro light flowers installation by expolight

expolight presents ‘dnipro light flowers’ installation in Ukraine In the Ukrainian city of Dnipro, 13 inactive pipes from an old factory remained intact. Recently, the local studio expolight has revived 5 of these plant fireplaces, turning them into “a new image of the digital flower”. The towers now serve as part of a post-industrial art … Read more

Town Enclosure art installation is made of CLT panels

A lot of art is meant to be seen and not touched. Visible to the public but distinct, untouchable and unrecognizable. This is not the case with Town Enclosures, which is also a functional art installation. The incredible design was created by CLB Architects. Continue reading below Our outstanding videos Town Enclosure was commissioned by … Read more

beyond the wall installation shifts the viewers’ glance to a different height

beyond the wall bear architects has completed a two-year installation of frontier architecture, linking two different levels. public space In the Old Town of San Sebastián, Spain. The so-called “beyond the wall” is a vertical structure that stands vertically on a red platform, and on the second level it is connected to a horizontal system … Read more