vudafieri-saverino blends milano verticale’s hidden gardens into the city

milano verticale becomes one with the city how would you like to enjoy a cocktail in a hidden garden one night in Milan? vudafieri-saverino partners redefine the meaning of hospitality as it blends milano verticale | una experiencia with the spaces open to the city with its surroundings. Located in the porta nuova – garibaldi … Read more

These everyday products hide their true functions like a hidden object game

Technological gadgets don’t have to look futuristic to be usable, and they can also look like an innocent pebble leaning against a wall or an artist’s canvas. Nowadays homes are so full of technology that it’s impossible not to notice one or two in a room, be it the latest smart TV or a fabric-covered … Read more

Furniture designs with hidden details to perfectly replace your favorite IKEA pieces

I think the real essence of a house is in its furniture. Furniture has the power to make or break a house, to set the mood and tone of a space and to capture and express the soul of that particular house. The excellent furniture design not only feels like a work of art, it … Read more

House in Ecuador is hidden in a forest of carob trees

The Kaisen house of Rama Estudio in Ecuador is set in a wooded grove, in the middle of a slightly sloping landscape. It aims to have a minimal impact on the natural environment. The designers explained:[We] each of the existing trees took advantage of the shade cast. ‘ Continue reading below Our outstanding videos The … Read more