a double height void cuts through this house in japan

reviving an empty old house hayato komatsu architects has rejuvenate unoccupied 50 years old House Hiroshiman, japan, to take a family of three. the design team wanted to optimize the living environment with minimal operation. therefore, a central opening pierces the pavement, specifying the spatial characteristics of the project. this gap was strategically positioned for … Read more

This height adjustable smart table with customizable modules keeps your WFH space organized

Hybrid working life is rising to new heights as work from home continues to be a way to help stop the spread of coronavirus. With changing furniture requirements for home-bound users, designers and brands are creating smart desks integrated with features to make it easier to work from home. That’s exactly what the new Rune … Read more

beyond the wall installation shifts the viewers’ glance to a different height

beyond the wall bear architects has completed a two-year installation of frontier architecture, linking two different levels. public space In the Old Town of San Sebastián, Spain. The so-called “beyond the wall” is a vertical structure that stands vertically on a red platform, and on the second level it is connected to a horizontal system … Read more