From robot soccer to speedgate, these sports of the future already exist

Thanks to artificial intelligence, robotics and other technological innovations, new high-tech sports are being launched around the world. From robots taking the field to football, to drones controlled by pilots, like humans, machines are proving to have their own line of competitiveness. AI can also create new sports now, from game strategy and rules to … Read more

Aaron Rodgers addresses future following Packers’ playoff loss, will make decision before free agency

Patrick McDermott / Getty Images As soon as Robbie Gould’s shots hit the net to eliminate the Packers playoffs at the end of regulation and send the 49ers to the NFC Championship Game, Green Bay and the entire NFL focused on Aaron Rodgers and his future for Green. bay. It is no secret that Rodgers … Read more

This reusable alternative to single-use packaging foresees a green future for the e-commerce sector

What do you do with your favorite dress from the new Amazon wrapper? After receiving the online order, the packaging material is thrown in the trash, right? It’s a story for each of us, mostly because most packaging isn’t designed with reuse or sustainability in mind. That’s why the idea of ​​creating reusable home delivery … Read more

VITRA exhibits the utopian history and critical future of plastics

the utopian past of a debatable material vitra design museum presents the exhibition ‘plastic: recreating our world’ as an exploration of the history and future of controversial material. Plastics have long symbolized the world of irresponsible consumerism and revolutionary innovation, opening their doors to designers and architects for decades. of course, today the dramatic effects … Read more

the future is buzzing with apple’s self-driven, 360-degree rotatable car

devanga borah shows a futuristic apple car du automotive the future is as attractive as ever with the autonomous car of the designer devanga borah Apple! self-driving, electrically driven vehicle Agent 007 vibrates with the usual elegant and minimal white lines of the brand’s aesthetic. more than that, however, a two-seater couscous pod turns any … Read more

Smart goggles and electric jumpsuits: the future of wearables

Portable technology is a key part of your training regimen. When it comes to basketball, tennis, marathons, or wheelchair racing, he wears a smart watch. In the pool, Lucio wears FORM Smart Swim Goggles. Dressed like ordinary goggles, Smart Swim Goggles has an augmented reality heads-up screen that lets you track your progress while you … Read more

This Apple Car concept is a 360-degree maneuverable, self-driving, two-seater for the future

When you think about it, driving alone or even with another passenger is a waste of time in a five-seater car! Many may disagree, but I believe the goal is denied when a vehicle capable of transporting a maximum of five people stops when one or two stop in the parking lot. That’s the main … Read more

Renault Pet Communication EV is the future of maintaining your pet-life balance

We cannot rule out that interaction with animals can improve a person’s physical and mental health. Ask any pet parents and they will wholeheartedly guarantee it. But as I can see, not all of us have enough time to spend and communicate with our puppies. Travel and work schedules are the two biggest criminals. The … Read more