Harry Potter Nimbus 2022 concept takes the classic broomstick to new heights

Anyway, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first. Although it’s a story that may end up giving some kids nightmares in the end, Harry Potter had classic elements of children’s fairy tales in terms of witches and wizards. You give them long dresses, a hat top, a stick and of course flying … Read more

This Apple Car concept is a 360-degree maneuverable, self-driving, two-seater for the future

When you think about it, driving alone or even with another passenger is a waste of time in a five-seater car! Many may disagree, but I believe the goal is denied when a vehicle capable of transporting a maximum of five people stops when one or two stop in the parking lot. That’s the main … Read more

A smart speaker concept you might actually want to keep track of your face at home

There’s a constant concern about privacy around the speakers and smart screens that always hear you, but this concept is right. Loudspeakers and screens that are the focus of our smart home are becoming more commonplace today. There is no shortage of products from Amazon and Apple that are always ready to listen to your … Read more

This levitating smart assistant concept makes smart speakers look antiquated

What better way to show the future of smart assistants than with a futuristic speaker that seems to be against the laws of gravity. When Amazon released the first speaker with a smart assistant with its first smart speaker, there was a bit of a surprise with its place in our modern life. Half a … Read more

air yacht concept by pierpaolo lazzarini sails both skies and seas with zero emissions

pierpaolo lazzarini introduces zero-emission air yacht while long-distance traveling by air doesn’t allow full electric mobility yet, italian designer pierpaolo lazzarini thinks there is actually a solution to sailing both skies and oceans without emissions in the future – the ‘air yacht‘. this latest boundary-pushing watercraft takes shape as a 150-meter-long vessel that can fly … Read more

Motorola wrap-around display phone concept is pretty but also pretty impractical

A phone with almost 100% screen has some advantages, but the ergonomic and practical concerns can be greater than these. Most of the time we spend on mobile phones, of course, is spent on screen. After all, it is the main point of interaction and feedback of modern mobile devices. Importantly, the screen covers less … Read more

Nintendo phone concept is a glimpse of a dream that will never come to be

While the company will not go that route, this smartphone concept is a dream come true for all Nintendo fans. Although it is hardly a first-hand gaming device on Nintendo, the Nintendo Switch not only sparked imagination, but also boosted sales when it was released in 2017. Since then, the giant game has continued to … Read more

This PlayStation 6 concept is a minimalistic gaming console Sony could design in the near future

The Sony PlayStation 6 is still a long way from being released, but it can deviate from the stylized look of the PlayStation 5 and look for a minimalist design language that has gone back to its roots! In terms of warmth, the current generation PlayStation is above the Xbox Series X and Series S. … Read more

Logitech’s spaceship-like mouse concept is designed to save your wrist

There are no shortage of ergonomic computer mice that claim to provide a painless experience, but this concept puts the solution in mind and makes the mouse completely different. With the advent and prevalence of laptops and their trackpads, computer mice have mostly been pushed into the background. There are, however, completely flat and smooth … Read more

Modular power bank concept uses a series of wireless snap-on battery ‘bookmarks’ to give your phone 30 hours of charge

Battery Pods is a phone charging system consisting of a phone charging case and a magnetic battery to power your phone at 1400 mAh. Everyone needs a charger, but no one wants to carry it. Battery packs are heavier than your phone, and cordless chargers depend on a plug to actually operate. So the question … Read more