Sugar Land’s baseball team to be called the Space Cowboys, KPRC 2 Sports confirms

Former Sugar Land Skeeters will become Sugar Land Space Cowboys, KPRC 2 Sports Director Randy McIlvoy has confirmed. A big change is coming. Sources have confirmed this #Astros The AAA Sugar Land team will now be known as the Sugar Land Space Cowboys. Logos, colors, etc. on January 29th @ KPRC2 – Randy McIlvoy (@ … Read more

toray develops a 100% plant-based nylon called ‘Ecodia ® N510’

an alternative to petroleum-derived nylon It has been launched by the Japanese textile company Toray nylon fiber composed of plant-derived polymers. ‘Ecodia ® N510’ is made by polymerizing and rotating bio-based sebaceous acid and pentamethylenediamine, which are derived from carino and maize plants, respectively. Toray says the new material has the same physical properties as … Read more

It’s Called Integrity – Staff Message of the Day

At some point, Senators Joe Manchin and Kristen Sinema will return to generalize to many Republicans or far-right conservatives. They will criticize him for his support of some liberal policies or for being with members of the Democrats on a topic that Republicans do not like. And for sure, many people in the Democratic Party … Read more