UN chief calls for Olympic Truce to build ‘culture of peace’ through sport |

Amid widespread conflict and seeds of tension, he recalled that the appeal calls on all parties to comply with the ceasefire during the upcoming winter games. ‘Date with history’ In the spirit of “mutual understanding, work and fair play”, the UN chief stated this Athletes from all over the world “have a date with history”. … Read more

former spaceX engineers raise $50M to build autonomous freight trains

parallel systems re-represented the railroads parallel systems: a California-based startup created by the first three spaceX engineers — raised $ 49.55 million in the first round of construction financing autonomous battery-powered electric railroad vehicles. the company’s goal is to re-represent the American freight industry with a cleaner and more efficient system than traditional trains or … Read more

Adidas and Parley build a recycled plastic tennis court to float over the Great Barrier Reef

Parley for the Oceans, an environmental non-profit organization, has teamed up with Adidas to float on the Great Barrier to design and build a tennis court made from recycled materials to raise awareness about plastic waste in our oceans. Founded in 2012 by Cyrill Gutsch, Parley for the Oceans is a non-profit environmental organization that … Read more

marc thorpe design to build compressed earth housing in kampala, uganda

responsible housing Kampala marc thorpe design joins stage six and échale international in uganda to develop sustainable and ecologically responsible housing in east africa. According to the Uganda Bureau of Statistics, Uganda has a deficit of 2.1 million housing units and an annual growth rate of 200,000 units. By 2030, the deficit is projected to … Read more