This skylight-enabled litter box doubles up as furniture to please cats and their owners

Chris Granneberg designed a closed trash can that can be purchased through Cat Person, built to please cats and their owners. Although closed litter boxes are very suitable for cat owners, it seems that cats have trouble getting used to them. Cats are temperamental creatures, which means that their litter bins need to adjust their … Read more

Sporting KC Offseason & Preseason 2022: Moving forward with “In the Box”

Happy first day of Sporting Kansas City preseason! It’s been a turbulent off-season. But it is time to move forward with hope and without fear (with a healthy dose of hope …). Putting the polish behind Luis Suarez. That’s what Peter Vermes once told me was his 9th ideal striker for Sporting Kansas City, Ajax, … Read more

EP Michael Davies Discusses Jeopardy! as a Sport, Introduces Daily Box Scores | J!Buzz

So now for the first time, you will actually get proof of the list, anecdotally, the unprofitable Jeopardy! The contestants have been sharing it for years: they couldn’t get into the rumor! It is an essential element of the game, and in this aspect our champions dominate. (If you’re interested in a little more detail … Read more

DIY music box design lets users compose their own nostalgic melodies in three simple steps

Make Your Own Music Box is a music box design by Kikkerland Design that allows users to compose their own melodies to play the music box. There’s nothing as nostalgic as a music box. A look at Grandma’s old jewelry box starring “Over The Rainbow” or even the large coin-operated music boxes at train stations … Read more

A-Z architekten converts railway signal box into youth center in germany

an old and new combination to renovate the switch tower AZ architekten converts removed railway signal box in Wiesbaden, Germany, in a center for children and young people. du conversion It combines elements of the past and the present to bring the building to life, while maintaining its character. a pair of exposed masonry with … Read more