MBARI’s rate footage of the psychedelic jellyfish

it is rare to see a psychedelic jellyfish at midnight

constantly wandering through the depths of peace waters, the ever-elusive psychedelic jellyfish was finally captured on video by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) in one of its ROV dives in the midnight area of ​​the Monterey Gorge. This weird footage captured by MBARI robotic submersibles give us a detailed look at the fascinating anatomy of gelatin: the shiny thread-like and taper floats around a multi-colored body, showing off a generous palette of fluorescent colors.

his scientific name, crossota millsae, was created in honor of claudia mills for ocean conservation, who dedicated her career to studying ocean-like creatures.

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mapping the unique biology of the roaming ocean

ONGI he first found it crossed species in 2018, but this was the last observationone of the most striking. [it was] wild view at midnight. the remarkable color of this jelly informed scientists that they had found a hitherto unknown species. ‘ says the research team. That being said, here is what MBARI knows so far about the psychedelic jellyfish: it has a maximum diameter of 2.8 centimeters and a depth range of between 1,000 and 4,000 meters. In addition, the scientists noted the biological differences between the male and female species.

MBARI psychedelic jellyfish
du crossota millsae it has thread-like and bright tentacles

“Unlike a lot of jelly, we can see noticeable differences between males and females. the female’s eggs are large and globular, while the male’s gonads are sausage-shaped. Jellyfish babies are kept under their mother’s bell until they are ready to be thrown. ‘ shares MBARI.

see the rare footage of a psychedelic jellyfish floating across the Pacific Ocean
a multi-colored body that shines in the deep sea

see the rare footage of a psychedelic jellyfish floating across the Pacific Ocean
MBARI was able to map the main differences between male and female species

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project information:

common name: psychedelic jellyfish

scientific name: crossota millsae

location to view: midnight area, monterey gorge, calm ocean

equipment: MBARI robotic submarines

user video: ONGI

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