Full Steam Ahead Podcast Episode 131 – Purdue Sports Chaplain Marty Dittmar


INDIANAPOLIS – Purdue Sports Chaplain Marty Dittmar he is the man behind the scenes, driving through the many personal challenges that student athletes in Purdue face every day in college.

Dittmar joined Purdue in 1987 after serving as a young pastor in Kokomo and with his wife Brenda in the Italian student ministry. In 2011, Dittmar also joined the leadership of the Christian Athletes Association (FCA) (FCA). Since arriving in Purdu, Dittmar has been able to work closely with many, many athletes, resulting in a disproportionate impact.

In the final episode of Full Steam Ahead: A podcast about Purdu on FOX59 Adam Bartels Talk to Dittmar about his Purdue assignments, the joy of being able to help students come along, and much more!

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