CLOUDROOM’s bioclimatic design highlights the climate crisis

The students and the design / consulting firm Ecosistema Urbano worked together to design this futuristic, outdoor and sustainable room created in Columbus, Indiana. The CLOUDROOM project is a bioclimatic design for an outdoor classroom. It is an installation that aims to rethink educational spaces and raise awareness of the current climate crisis.

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CLOUDROOM is an inflatable space that floats on a wooden base. The classroom provides students with a shady and airy area for outdoor learning. Inflatables inflate the pot and create natural air to ventilate the space and push the hot air up on warm days. Filters clean the air that enters CLOUDROOM.

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A tunnel of words that leads to a hole in the sky during the day.

“The architectural features of CLOUDROOM are reminiscent of elements of classical architecture, such as the dome and the oculus, and the conversion of space experience from a minimal material structure,” wrote Urban Ecosystem.

The cloud-like structure was illuminated by white at night.

The inner walls of CLOUDROOM are covered by the words of the 1992 United Nations Rio Declaration on Environment and Development and a survey of school students ’concerns, hopes and dreams for the future. The outer face has a pattern of native and endangered maple trees.

The cloud-like structure lit up blue and purple at night.

CLOUDROOM is more than just a classroom. Its lighting systems also raise awareness of climate challenges. The lighting scheme depicts the climate change of the Earth in the last century, color-coded to reflect the rise in temperature, deforestation and rising CO2 levels. This information from the last 120 years is translated into color codes that power the three light levels of the LED.

The cloud-like structure lit up red at night.

As CLOUDROOM says in a press release, “Lighting makes space users aware of climate change and our shared responsibility to influence its trajectory.”

A tunnel of words illuminated the purple at night.

The structure is made of printed fabric and wood, which can be reused and recycled when the installation is dismantled. The cannon has yoga balls located under the base of the pole, which serve as furniture for users to interact with space in different ways. CLOUDROOM can be used not only for learning, but also for entertainment and community programs.

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