‘superior cottages’ at domki szumilas are integrated into coastal meadows

the top three huts architects domki szumilas (szumilas hut) present a set of “high-rise huts” as a higher level of Polish rural housing. the three hotel flats mark the final stage of the expansion of the szumilas project, which began with six “classic” huts, built as the first part of the project in June 2018. … Read more

atelier nomadic adds 6 bamboo treehouses to an off-grid resort in mexico

Beach tree houses run by nomadic atelier located on the palm trees facing the surf, these six bamboo tree houses playa viva’s latest accommodation offers are a luxury eco-station juluchucan, Mexico. Designed by a Rotterdam-based nomadic studio, the angular roof profile of the huts is inspired by the wing-shaped wings of mobula rays. in addition … Read more

This flying donut is probably one of the safest drones around

Who knew that leaving half of the fans would look like a more stable and secure drone, that’s what this weird looking drone promises. Drones are no longer things immediately associated with the military and war. Thanks to companies like DJI, commercial drones have become dominant and have become popular with many people in different … Read more

stefano boeri completes first vertical forest in china

EASYHOME HUANGGANG BERTICAL FOREST CITY COMPLEX, CHINA’S NEW GREEN DEVELOPMENT architect stefano boeri completed the Chinese first vertical forest – appeared earlier in the designboom here. has the title easyhome huanggang vertical forest city complex, the scheme has five towers, two of which are residential and designed as ‘vertical forests’ – stefano boeri’s model for … Read more

This holographic display could be how you do video calls in the Metaverse

Not everyone will want to wear glasses to live this metamorphosis. Hopefully you may not need it, especially if this hologram box can provide the next best thing. The verse is being heralded as a logical evolution of virtual reality, combining physical and digital in a single space. Most discussions and implementations, however, involve placing … Read more

Plant Prefab aims to make housing accessible and affordable

The impact of land, resource use, construction waste, and air quality impacts on the construction and maintenance of homes and businesses, accounting for nearly 40% of the planet’s carbon emissions. Plant Prefab is the starting point for changing all that. Continue reading below Our outstanding videos The concept behind Plant Prefab is prefabricated houses. This … Read more

textured façades, wooden shutters and plinth detailing shape multi-dwelling building in barcelona

a multi-apartment complex that blends in with the modernist environment of Barcelona victor bergnes de las casas gabarró architecture company presents ‘ca n’alegre’, multi-housing building in the district of Vila de Gracia barcelona, Spain. the structure blends into its modernist setting by reinterpreting the composition of its facades to establish a timeless dialogue. avoiding the … Read more

organic roof with fluid overhangs tops ‘cosmos’ residential proposal in peloponnese, greece

david tajchman and luc izri have unveiled the ‘cosmos’ architecture manifesto Architects David Tajchman and Luc Izri present the ‘cosmos’, a headquarters located in a remote area south of the Peloponnese, greece, Offering panoramic views of the Aegean Sea. The project is presented as an architectural manifesto, showing a bespoke topological design where they become … Read more

Sleek Laptop Stands designed to eliminate bad posture + boost WFH productivity

Honestly, I couldn’t survive without my laptop! It saves almost everything I have sacred, and I need it for a variety of purposes: from work to leisure. And most of us spend most of our day working on laptops, so maintaining a constant level of productivity and efficiency is critical to our work routines. However, … Read more